flipped-classroom-extractGo to school, listen to your teacher lecture, go home, do your homework.
For centuries, this has been the way that school's been done.
But now, a new model of teaching is turning the traditional classroom on its head. Under the flipped classroom model, students watch lectures at home, online. Class time is reserved for collaborative activities that help reinforce concepts and increase engagement.

openbadgesLearning happens over the course of a lifetime and frequently beyond the classroom. With the support of the MacArthur Foundation, Mozilla has built the Open Badges Infrastructure, which makes it possible for badges issued by different companies and communities to be interoperable and shareable across the web.

ecvet4practitionersThe ECVET4Practitioners project aims to facilitate and promote student geographical mobility as a recognised and integrated part of Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification programmes within the hospitality sector.

DISCO, the European Dictionary of Skills and Competences, is an online thesaurus that currently covers more than 104,000 skills and competence terms and approximately 36,000 example phrases. Available in eleven European languages, DISCO is one of the largest collections of its kind in the education and labour market.

Project results

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Prepared during the bilateral meetings (Nov.2013 and April 2014) and validated during 1st and 2nd Partnership meetings (Brussels and Cluj-Napoca)


1st Meeting in Brussels (December 2013)


2nd Meeting in Romania (April 2014)


3rd Meeting in Finland (September 2014)

  4th Meeting in Estonia (March 2015) 
  5th Meeting in Hungary (June 2015)
  Bilateral meetings 
(in addition to the full partnership meetings)
  Synthesis Report
  Memorandum of Understanding
  Project brochure/flyer