ecvet4practitionersThe ECVET4Practitioners project aims to facilitate and promote student geographical mobility as a recognised and integrated part of Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification programmes within the hospitality sector.

The project aims to achieve this goal by developing a mobility network in hospitality which will utilize the European Credit transfer system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) – between VET providers in five countries: Finland, Cyprus, Netherlands, Spain and UK.

This project is developing a toolkit to implement a practical placement and sutdy mobility using ECVET: the Toolokit4Practitioners.
This toolkit provides practitioners from the Hospitality sector with access to information on how to implement practicum and study mobility using the European Credits for Vocational Education and Training system (ECVET). The toolkit enables users to identify the opportunities and challenges associated with using the ECVET framework, and supports the implementation of a strategy to address these points with the use of forms and other such resources made available.

The ECVET4Practitioners website as well presents various testimonials. Here below one testomonial as example by Jeroen Rijks, Teacher Hospitality Department, Horizon College, Netherlands:

How does the ECVET tool add value to a student transnational mobility?
Student know much better what is expected from them and what they can expect from the workplace. In the ECVET process we identified units of learning outcomes and use these in the discussion between student and company before the work placement. The work placements becomes more effective due to ECVET.

How does the Toolkit4Practitioners support the use of the ECVET tool?
The toolkit gives a clear overview of the documents we have to use before, during and after the work placement. The toolkit give some readymade documents and advises how to adapt them. The toolkit provides the learning outcomes and assessments in three courses and hopefully will be expanded with examples of many other areas.

Does introducing the ECVET Framework to work place mobility’s create additional work/ paper work for employers?
The additional paperwork gives in our case more clearness about what students and company can expect from each other. The involved tutors at the work places complimented us about the communication. The communication about the learning outcomes and the assessment is directly related to the effectiveness of the internships. We evaluated this process and will adapt it to all our students.

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