Main objective of NPO Lean Enterprise Estonia is to provide training and consultancy in the field of operation management and lean thinking. Its goal is to raise competitiveness, profitability and productivity of Estonian industry through introduction of Lean Thinking and development of production management systems. 

Lean Enterprise Estonia's team has a long practical experience in areas of Production Management and Lean Thinking.
Lean Thinking has developed from Lean Manufacturing which in turn has roots in Toyota Production System. If one does not have experience in production management and does not know the practical aspects of it, then one cannot be a good Lean Thinking teacher. Why? Because such person is a pure theorist that has learned techniques of improvement, however does not know the subject of improvement.
In addition to strong practical skills Lean Enterprise Estonia's team knows the theory well – of both Operation Management and Lean Thinking.
Practise is good. However, experience shows that the management of production without a strong theoretical knowledge will not give desired results. The field of Operations Management gives strong structured understanding of how production and service companies are performing. Additionally continuous research in Lean Thinking area allows us to continuously improve our performance.
NPO Lean Enterprise Estonia's team consists of professionals that have strong theoretical base and wide practical experience. They continuously develop their knowledge in Production Management and Lean Thinking fields, and they are certified Enterprise Estonia (EAS) consultants.

The role of NPO Lean in the project:
- coordination and administration in partner level
- participation in the organisation of the fourth event of the project - workshop and meeting in Tallinn
- participation in the 5 thematic workshops, presenting case studies/best practices
- contribution to the synthesis after the presentations of each workshop in cooperation with the host partner
- contribution to the preparation of the synthesis study on internships and their accreditation possibilities
- Help its national VET partner institution organise site visit to an internship receiving company and prepare student internship offers at companies for foreign students
- participation in the evaluation and quality assurance activities of the project (lead partner: Hungary)
- participation in the dissemination tasks - website, press, etc. (lead partner: Romania).

Lean Enterprise Estonia contacts for the PEST-Partnership for Exchange of experience in Student on-the-job Training project:
LEAN website: 
Aleksandr Miina - alex [-at-] lean, ee