The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry [BCCI] has been established in 1850 and is a public corporation of entrepreneurs of the capital city. BCCI represents craftsmen, traders, artisans and other service providers and their general interests via delegates, corporates and leaders elected by them, from the membership.

Effect of BCCI goes beyond its members; it represents larger power as the totality of the members and its results are fruitful for all the entrepreneurs and the whole economy. Its objectives are based on meanings and expectations of the members representing entrepreneurs of the capital city. BCCI provides services willingly to its membership.
BCCI plays an important role in helping undertakings of the central economic region in market access and in upgrading environment of undertakings to EU-level.
BCCI organises trainings and presentations for its members. We delegate committee members to professional exams. BCCI accreditates vocational training places as well.

The role of BCCI in the project:
- coordination and administration in partner level
- participation in the organisation of the final event of the project - workshop and meeting in Budapest
- participation in the 5 thematic workshops, presenting case studies/best practices
- contribution to the synthesis after the presentations of each workshop in cooperation with the host partner
- contribution to the preparation of the synthesis study on internships and their accreditation possibilities
- Help its national VET partner institution organise site visit to an internship receiving company and prepare student internship offers at companies for foreign students
- participation in the evaluation and quality assurance activities of the project (lead partner: Hungary)
- participation in the dissemination tasks - website, press, etc. (lead partner: Romania).

BCCI contacts for the PEST-Partnership for Exchange of experience in Student on-the-job Training project:
BCCI website:
Elek Csaba- elek, csaba [-at-] bkik, hu