The Employers and Craftsmen Association [ECA] or [APM] in Romanian is an independent, not for profit, legal entity for the establishment and development of private firms and independent entrepreneurs. ECA is a representative employers' organization in the North-Western part of Romania, with more than 1,200 SMEs as members.

( ECA offers vocational training courses, thus promoting an entrepreneurial culture in the SMEs sector. It's a member of the Regional Pact for Employment and Social Inclusion in Cluj County. ECA is a member in the project: "Center for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development" ( which has as main objective the development of entrepreneurial and managerial skills of young, women, and certain categories of well-trained professional but temporarily unemployed. (

The role of APM - ECA in the project:
- coordination and administration in partner level
- participation in the organisation of the 3rd event of the project - workshop and meeting in Cluj
- participation in the 5 thematic workshops, presenting case studies/best practices
- contribution to the synthesis after the presentations of each workshop in cooperation with the host partner
- contribution to the preparation of the synthesis study on internships and their accreditation possibilities
- Help its national VET partner institution organise site visit to an internship receiving company and prepare student internship offers at companies for foreign students
- participation in the evaluation and quality assurance activities of the project (lead partner: Hungary)
- participation in the dissemination tasks - website, press, etc. (lead partner: Romania).

APM contacts for the PEST-Partnership for Exchange of experience in Student on-the-job Training project:
APM website:  
Augustin Feneşan - augustin, fenesan [-at-] apm, ro