Babes-Bolyai University [BBU] is a public higher education institute to promote and sustain the development of specific cultural components within the local, regional, national and international community. BBU includes 21 faculties, offers 248 study programmes and has more than 53,000 students (incl. more than 1,600 students in Lifelong Learning programmes and more than 8,500 students in distance learning programmes).

The Lifelong Learning Center [LLC] provides assistance, consultancy and flexible learning for partners who want to improve and up-date their skills, abilities and competences, in order to be competitive in the knowledge society. The Distance Learning programmes aims to develop and sustain education programs using resources specific to e-learning.

The role of BBU in the project:
- complex coordination and management of the project - coordination and administration in partner level
- organisation of the 2nd event of the project - workshop and meeting in Cluj
- organising site visit to enterprise receiving trainees for internship
- preparation of trainees' placements in enterprises of the partner countries
- participation in the 5 thematic workshops, presenting case studies/best practices
- making synthesis after the presentations of each workshop in cooperation of the host partner
- participation in the preparation of the synthesis study on internships and their accreditation possibilities
- participation in the evaluation and quality assurance activities of the project (lead partner: Hungary)
- coordination the dissemination tasks - website, press, etc. (lead partner).

BBU contacts for the PEST-Partnership for Exchange of experience in Student on-the-job Training project:
BBU website:  
Vasile-Daniel Cardos - vasile, cardos [-at-] gmail, com