The Budapest Business School, one of the determinants of Hungarian business education, has been created as a result of the merger of three colleges of economy of Budapest and the integration of their professional potential. The mission of the school is to train students for business careers in which practical skills- based on theoretical knowledge- are needed.

These skills include a thorough knowledge of languages, creative skills, and well-founded professional and practical knowledge. With those skills, our graduates are highly competitive in the labour market. The BBS offers the widest selection of business studies and also offers teacher's training. A major, recently opening profile of BBS is higher vocational training course leading to professional diplomas. (e.g. two year trainings) Student internship is mandatory in these trainings. Both in initial education and continuing trainings BBS started to introduce innovative curricula for entrepreneurs. BBS participates in several international projects.

The role of BBS in the project:
- complex coordination and management of the project - coordination and administration in partner level
- organisation of the final event of the project - workshop and meeting in Budapest
- participation in the 5 thematic workshops, presenting case studies/best practices
- making synthesis after the presentations of each workshop in cooperation of the host partner
- coordination of the preparation of the synthesis study on internships and their accreditation possibilities (lead partner)
- organising site visit to enterprise receiving trainees for internship
- preparation of trainees' placements in enterprises of the partner countries
- lead of the quality assurance activities of the project
- participation in the dissemination tasks - website, press, etc. (lead partner: Romania).

Budapest Business School contacts for the PEST-Partnership for Exchange of experience in Student on-the-job Training project:
Budapest Business School website:
László Varga - varga, laszlo [-at-] bgf, hu
Péter Soltész - Soltesz, Peter [-at-] pszfb, bgf, hu